Welcome to Taylor Meredith!

First and foremost, I want to thank you all in advance for following along with my new blogging journey. I’m so happy you’re here!!

To provide some background, I have been toying with the idea of starting this blog for over 2 years now. Every time I came close to pulling the trigger, I talked myself out of it. I kept asking myself the same questions…How will you have time for this in addition to a full time job? How will you financially support the blog? Will people actually want to read it? Will people be annoyed with the social media associated?

And well…sitting here 2 years later, I’m all out of excuses. My hope is that this blog will be inspiring, helpful and will brighten your day! My posts will cover topics from all over the spectrum. Anything from DIY to decorating, organizing to travel, bargain hunting to crafting, how-to guides to outfits, and even paper & gifting (which is my favorite!!). If there’s anything in particular you’d like to read about or have other topics of interest, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Your feedback is always welcome!


In taking this next step, I promise to:

1) Make your reading worthwhile (and as brief as possible)

2) Keep the blog fun (as if I would have it any other way)

3) And most importantly, keep you entertained (I tend to write with a little satire 😉 so you’re in for a treat.)

Note: My intention is not to offend anyone, rather to provide you with a good laugh to break up the monotonous day to day. You have been warned.


Before the fun starts, I’d like to dedicate this first blog post to my friends and family. YOU are the reason for my happiness. It is rare in life to have people who support you in EVERYTHING you do. I’m better because I know each of you.

There is one person in particular that I want to highlight: my amazing friend Alex. Your design and development work is incredible and so are you. Your kind words of encouragement and your selflessness in helping me get this blog started, will never be forgotten. If you hadn’t sent me that hand-written letter, I’m not sure I would be writing this post today. I will forever be grateful for your friendship!

In my opinion, there are only two things you need to conquer anything in your way: support and courage. I am lucky to be blessed with both.

With that being said…let the journey begin!



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